mixtape #1: summer vibes

I'm going to try posting mixtapes/playlists every now and then, so what better way to start than with one comprised of songs that I'm into this Summer? Enjoy!



Every time I'm back in KL, I have a bucket list of new eateries that I want to try out. Hotodogu has been on this Summer's list since I stumbled upon it while wandering around the lower ground floor of the Gardens Mall a few weeks ago. 'Hotodogu' is the Japanese pronunciation of the word 'hotdog' and the restaurant (although the one in Gardens is more like a food stall), with its Japanese-Western fusion concept, lives up to its namesake by specialising in, you guessed it, hotdogs. However, hotdogs aren't the only things on the menu. Hotodogu makes a pretty mean (sushi) burger too.

 photo 2a_zps38a36b2c.jpg
BBQ Crunch (RM 12.90)

The hotdog bun is filled with fresh lettuce and tomato slices, then a chicken or beef sausage (I chose beef), on top of which is slathered with a generous amount of grilled onions and BBQ sauce, and a drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise. Finally, it's topped with three crispy onions rings. The combination of smoky sweet BBQ sauce and creamy Japanese mayonnaise oddly works. It perfectly complements the (beef) sausage and grilled onions. The onion rings add some crunch while the lettuce and tomatoes add some freshness. I like that the hotdog wasn't too oily or greasy. Paid an extra RM 3 for the set which includes an iced drink (iced lemon tea) and fries sprinkled with paprika.

 photo 2b_zps9f2e4909.jpg
Salmon Teriyaki (RM 14.90)

The sushi burger has a piece of seared salmon for its patty and sushi rice packed tightly together for its bun. Then, it's wrapped with a large piece of seaweed. Like above, the combination of smoky sweet teriyaki sauce and creamy-spicy Wasabi-mayonnaise oddly works. My only gripe is that the rice and seaweed quickly become soggy from absorbing the teriyaki sauce and Wasabi-mayonnaise, which makes the sushi burger difficult to eat when the 'bun' is falling apart. Paid an extra RM 3 for the set of an iced drink (iced green tea) and a bowl of miso soup.