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Wearing: Topshop Boutique silk shirt (similar) / Zara skort (similar) / Ray-Ban sunglasses (high street alternative) / Proenza Schouler bag (high street alternative) / Topshop Unique heels (similar)

Ah, the ubiquitous Zara skort. Unlike dungarees/overalls and Birkenstock sandals, skorts and heeled sandals are the only trends that I'm into this Summer. I like the concept of skorts because they're practical in that you have the same comfort and ease of movement which you would have if you were to wear shorts, but they smarten up your outfit as they look like skirts from the front. I practically live in shorts in the Summer and skorts add some much-needed variety to my Summer looks. They allow me to not look like I'm wearing shorts all the time even though I am technically wearing shorts (all the time). That's a win-win in my case. Anyway, I really like this Zara skort: the asymmetric design looks striking and the geometric structure is oddly flattering. As for the silk shirt, I consider it as much of a wardrobe staple as the basic t-shirt. I prefer loose or oversized ones because they're comfortable and effortless. Both the skort and silk shirt look formal and dressy but are actually easy and comfortable pieces to wear. In my opinion, an all-black outfit creates the illusion of a polished and put-together outfit when, in fact, you put in minimum thought and effort. There's just something about all-black outfits that instantly make you look more chic. This is perfect for lazy days when you're not in the mood to dress up but still want to look good.


may the force be with you

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Wearing: H&M t-shirt (similar) / Zara skirt (similar) and heels (similar here and here) / ASOS sunglasses (similar) / Proenza Schouler bag (high street alternative) / Kure Bazaar nail polish in 'Caicos'

I did a short internship at a law firm in KL a few months ago and had to go shopping for office wear because I didn't have much that were suitable for a professional environment. I picked up this Zara pencil skirt in the sale and frequently wore it during my internship. After my internship ended, I wanted to continue wearing the skirt and was thinking of ways to incorporate it into my everyday looks without looking like a career woman instead of the student that I am. The skirt looks very formal and I wanted to tone it down, so I wore it with a loose graphic t-shirt because I like the contrast between smart and casual. I usually don't wear knee-length skirts because I find that they make me look shorter than I already am. To avoid looking stumpy, I wear shoes that: (a) give some height; (b) don't cover my ankles; and (c) show as much of my feet as possible. Boots and flats are instantly ruled out. The ideal shoes would be single-sole heeled sandals with thin straps, which are my trusty Zara ones. Since the outfit is pretty much monochromatic, I thought that a pop of colour would jazz it up and this was achieved through the bright blue mirrored sunglasses. I was chuffed when I saw them while perusing ASOS because I was looking for such a pair but didn't want to splurge on an ephemeral trend piece, so they satisfy my sartorial craving without costing too much.


we'll always have paris

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Wearing: Zara top (similar) and heels (similar here and here) / H&M skirt (similar) / Céline sunglasses (high street alternative) and bag (high street alternative) / ILIA Beauty lipstick in 'Wild Child' / Kure Bazaar nail polish in 'Caicos'

Red lipstick and stripes is a combination that has always struck me as French. Ergo, the title of this post, which is a famous line in the film Casablanca. Stripes are versatile: they can be dressed up or down and either way, they look chic. I deliberately picked a top with navy blue and white stripes rather than black and white stripes. This is because I didn't want the outfit to be too matchy-matchy as the sunglasses, skirt and shoes are black in colour as well. The bright red lipstick and bag add some pops of colour that break up the monochromy of the outfit. In accordance with the French theme, I wanted to keep the outfit as classic and simple as possible, so I opted for fuss-free accessories that aren't flashy but still beautiful in their simplicity. Hence, the cat eye sunglasses, streamlined bag and minimal heels. I'm really into single-sole heeled sandals with thin straps at the moment. They're elegant yet effortless. These Zara ones look like the Saint Laurent Classic Jane heeled sandals but cost a fraction of the price. Although they're not the most comfortable to walk in (heels without platforms usually aren't), I'm hoping to break them in. The bright mint nail polish on my toenails is a bit jarring in relation to the red, white, black and navy blue colour palette, but sometimes it's the little unexpected surprises that end up making an outfit.